SkytekGlobal is one of most complete online store of transmission equipment and accessories in the country. That’s why we feel highly committed to our customers, to provide them with a wide knowledge about the product of their interest, as well as exceptional equipment that is in the market, either for beginners or professionals. We have brands such as: Anywave Communications, Advantech Wireless, Eurotek, Kathrein, Scala, Leader, Tecsys and many others.

With us you can find all the supplies and accessories for your RF equipment. AM, FM or TV transmitters, Antenna, Microwave links, Encoder, Decoders-Recivers, Monitoring. We have everything you need to optimize your equipment and your transmission network. Do not miss our promotional prices with the great attention you deserve. At Skytekglobal, we care about your daily needs.

Communicate with our team of professionals, highly trained personnel to answer all your questions regarding the product of your interest, we have personalized attention that will always be adapted to your needs. Live the best experience using our equipment firsthand.

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